Dragon story is the best game of TEAMLAVA and I love this too!

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Help and touterial:

Getting Started

  • Purchasing the game - Dragon Story is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • The game is associated with your Storm8 ID. If you are registered you will see your user name under the “Social” menu.
  • Push Notifications –The game will prompt you to set up push notifications which includes notifying you when crops are ready for harvesting, fully mature eggs, harvesting silver from homes, and more. You can change these settings at any time by clicking on


  • Game Settings –Tap on the menu button then on the settings button to reach the setting menu allowing you to change push notifications, adjust game sounds and background music as well as to connect to Facebook or change your profile information.

Game Elements

  • Experience Points (XP) - You need XP in order to level up in the game. XP points are indicated with purple stars in the game. Your XP meter and level indicator is shown at the top left of the game screen next to your level indicator star. As the meter fills up you are closer to the next level. Every task you complete awards you with a certain number of XP. This includes purchasing habitats, clearing away debris, collecting harvests and more.

Game Currency


  • There are two types of currency used in the game.
  • Silver –This is the basic game currency used to purchase most items and what is rewarded to you when you collect from a dragon habitat. You can purchase additional silver coins with gold bars by clicking in the “+” sign next to the currency indicator.
  • Gold - is the secondary high end currency in the game. You are given 40 gold bars when you start the game and will be awarded more for special quests you complete. If you need more gold for special tasks such as hatching eggs of rare dragons or speed up the production of any task such as construction, farming, clearing away debris or breeding you can get it by purchasing gold from the game store.
  • How to purchase additional currency –To purchase additional gold tap on the “+” sign next to the gold indicator at the top of the screen or when you are short a screen will appear asking you if you wish to purchase more.
  • Gold ranges in price from .99 cents to $99.99 depending on the quantity you purchase.
  • Charges are made to the app store and will be charged as an in app purchase to your account.


Quests/Island Goals

  • TheQuest icon is a book at the upper left hand corner of the screen and tapping on it will reveal a list of all current quests.
  • Tap on “Buy” directly from the quest list when offered.


  • You can see your current quests at any time as well as the progress made on them.
  • It is wise to follow these quests as they will help you complete your dragon village in an organized manner and allow you to win coins and large amounts of XP to level up faster.


  • Once you complete a quest you will be rewarded in XP, food, silver or gold. You will need to tap on “Collect” at the completion of a quest before it is added to your totals


Adding Dragon Eggs to nest for incubation

  • When you begin the game you have one dragon egg next and eventually you will be able to purchase a second nest for 25 gold. Two is the maximum you can ever have in the game.
  • When youtap on a habitat or on an empty nest you can next tap on “add egg” and you will be taken to the store menu where you can purchase one. Note the colored gems are there to guide you as to which dragon can go into which habitats. Some have one color and some have more than one.
  • Once you add the egg you will need to wait for it to mature.


  • A large sign with the word “Ready” will appear when it is time to hatch and place your dragon into its new habitat.


Adding hatched dragon to habitat

  • You must already have a habitat placed and construction complete before you can place a dragon in it.
  • Each habitat can hold up to two dragons at once until you upgrade it.
  • Tap on the egg when it is ready in the nest then tap on the habitat it goes into to place it.


  • Now when you tap on the habitat you will see the name of the dragon as well as other options related to it such as money it earns, feeding it, and upgrading the habitat.


Upgrading a Habitat

  • Once your dragon reaches level five growth you can upgrade the habitat to add even more dragons to it.
  • This is very expensive and can be purchased with silver or gold.
  • Each dragon in a habitat is earning money for you over time.


Collecting from Dragons

  • You can collect from your dragons in a couple of ways.
  • First, you can wait until the maximum amount of money that can be earned is earned and wait until the ready banner is over the habitat. When you see this you can just click on it to collect the silver.
  • Second, if you don’t want to wait until the maximum amount of money is there to collect you can click on any habitat and at the bottom right you will see a coin with an amount over it. This is the amount accrued so far. You can click on this coin and collect this amount at any time which starts the process over again.
  • This is a good thing to do if you are really tight on cash and don’t want to wait.


Growing Food/Farming

  • When you start the game you will be given one small farm. You can purchase up to four farms then must reach level 10 in the game before you can purchase more or a large farm. The small farm gives you the option to plant three types of food each with different costs, growing times until harvest and yield of food.
  • Impruberries - 30 coins – 30 seconds – yields 6 foods.
  • Buffbeets - 120 coins – 3 minutes – yields 20 foods.
  • Fireapples – 650 coins – 1 hour – yields 100 foods.


  • Tap on a farm then tap on “Plant” at the lower right of game screen which is the apple icon.
  • Money is instantly deducted and you will see the farm change in appearance when it is growing food.


  • Harvesting food –You will see the word “Ready” on a sign above the farm when the food is ready for harvesting. Tap on the farm and the harvested goods will add to your overall total at the top right of the screen with the apple icon.


  • Purchasing extra food –If you tap the “+” sign next to the food meter you will see the option to purchase large quantities of food for gold. Gold can only be purchased with real currency. (See game currency above)


  • Instant completion/Speed up –While a crop is underway you can tap on the “Harvest” button along the bottom right of the screen and this will take you to another screen that allows you to instantly complete a crop by purchasing this privilege with gold. A countdown clock will appear showing you how much time is left. Tap on the “Finish Now” button to instantly complete the crop or on the “Wait” button if you decide it is better to wait.
  • Adding larger Farm – Once you reach level 10 in the game you can for 12,000 silver coins add a larger farm which will grow larger quantities of food at different rates.
  • It will take up to 3 hours for a large farm to construct unless you pay in gold for an instant completion.


Feeding and Growing your Dragons

  • Each dragon in its habitat must be fed to grow.
  • Click on the feed button at the bottom of the screen and whatever number you see there is the minimum number of food needed for one feeding. The number at the top is the amount of food you have on hand at that moment.
  • The bar at the right fills up a little each time you feed the dragon. When it completely fills up your dragon will change and grow. Also note the amount of money it earns for you increases.
  • Also, the amount of food needed increases each time your dragon grows up a stage.
  • At first it only takes one food five times, then it takes four food six times, etc.
  • Feeding your dragon means more money will be collected from him.
  • Keep feeding your dragons until they are at least at level six so they can evolve.
  • If you have two dragons in a habitat and keep them fed constantly and evolve them you will earn a lot of money to reinvest into your dragon town.


Evolving your Dragons

  • Once you have a dragon in a habitat you will need to grow that dragon to a full level seven then evolve your dragon.
  • To evolve your dragon you will need what is called an Evolution temple placed on the island which can be purchased in the market.
  • Tap on the evolution temple and choose a dragon from the list. You will have to keep feeding the dragon until it is old enough to evolve at level seven.


  • Choose the dragon you wish to evolve and it will appear on the evolution temple for a period of time of which the minimum is three hours.
  • You can speed up this time for gold if you choose otherwise wait until evolution is complete and then you can return your dragon to the habitat and now it will earn you much more money than before.
  • Once you evolve a dragon it will also require a lot of food for each feeding so it will take much longer to grow your dragon once you evolve it.
  • Evolve to Epic Form –Continue to feed your dragon and once you reach level 10 you can evolve your dragon to epic form.


Breeding Dragon Eggs

  • Once your dragon grows to a level four he or she is old enough to breed.
  • You can cross breed the dragons into new hybrid species all with their own personality traits and preferences.
  • You must first place a breeding den on your island. Only one is available to place on your island.
  • Tap on the den then on the breed button and a menu will appear as in the image above. Tap on a dragon from each side to breed.
  • If you breed two of the same you will get the same dragon and if you breed two different ones you will get a new dragon to add to your collection.
  • Once you begin the process it can take several hours depending on the breeds you choose.


  • Speed up process –You can speed up the process with gold by tapping on the breed button while it is in progress and a clock will appear giving you the option to finish now or wait.
  • Gold is the only way to pay to complete breeding instantly.
  • Remember, as soon as you complete breeding tap on the breed den and the egg will move to the hatching nest. You will have to wait another period of time for the egg to hatch. This can also be completed instantly if you choose to use gold to pay for it. Otherwise you will have to wait for the ready sign to appear over the egg.
  • You will also need to make sure you have a habitat for the new baby dragon to live in once ready to hatch. It will have to be the correct color to match the dragon so be sure to wait until it is hatched until you purchase a habitat for it.


How to add buildings and décor

  • Purchase a building or décor item - Tap on the market button at the lower right corner of the game screen then you will see a menu with all of the options to purchase. Tap on the buildings button (or habitat or décor)
  • Tap on the habitat, building, or décor item you wish to place which shows the prices along the top.
  • Tap on the item you wish to purchase. The price will not be deducted until the item is officially placed on land.


  • How to place items - The item will show up on the land and should have a green border under it which shows it will fit on the land. If it is red you will need to move it with your finger to a location it fits. When the bottom outline is green tap on the green arrow to place the item and the funds will then be deducted from your overall totals.
  • Move, Sell or Rotate items - You can at any time tap on a building highlight it and then either rotate it, move it, or sell it.


Clearing Debris and Trees to Expand

  • In order to expand the area in which you can build and add more habitats you must clear away the trees, mushroom, rocks and other debris.
  • Tap on any tree, mushroom, or rock until it highlights.
  • Look in the bottom right corner and you will see the name of the item you have highlighted along with a cost and a clear icon.
  • It may say -50 up to -5000 to clear away an item. Tap on the “clear” button and you will see a timer appear above the item. When this bar fills up you will see a “Ready” sign appear over the tree, rock, or mushroom.
  • Tap on the button and the item will disappear.
  • You will need to expand first then clear several items in order to have space to build.


Expanding your Build areas

  • You will notice some of the land is dark and some is light. Light land is highlighted land you can use to build on.
  • When you are ready to expand tap on the market button then on the “Expand” button.
  • You will see the area highlighted with square grids around it.
  • Tap on a grid and you will see the cost appear on a page. If you choose to precede tap on “Expand” and the money is immediately deducted.
  • You will have to expand several times before you can clear the entire island.


Visiting Neighbors

  • There are two types of neighbors in the game which are your actual neighbors and your community neighbors.
  • Actual neighbors have been invited by you to become neighbors or you have accepted an invitation from them.
  • Community neighbors are other people playing the game that you can visit and collect from but since they are not on your neighbor list they cannot send gifts to you or you to them.
  • Inviting Neighbors – You must have someone’s storm8 ID in order to invite them to be your neighbor. When you are visiting someone’s island tap on the “wall” button at the bottom right and you will see many people posting their IDs with the intent for you to invite them to become neighbors.
  • You will earn more rewards from visiting neighbors than from community members.
  • How to visit – Tap on the menu then on “Social” and you will be taken to the social menu.
  • Tap on “Community” and a list of players will appear starting with the highest level at the top. People at the top of the community list are there because they have done a lot of visiting and the more you do the more likely others will see you at the top of the list. Since people tend to visit the first name on the list most this is an advantage.
  • Neighbors –Tap on the neighbors tab to accept or decline invitations and to see a list of your neighbors. Tap on visit to go to their island.


  • Visiting Neighbors or Community Members –Once at someone’s island you are looking to play with up to five of their dragons. You will see a “Tap to play” banner above any available dragon and you should be sure to tap on these up to a maximum of five every 24 hours.
  • If you see sparkles over a habitat someone else has already visited and the owner of the island needs to tap and collect these funds to free it up again.
  • Frequently you will see all of the habitats are full and you will have to come back later.
  • If you see a habitat with a sign over it that says, “Tap to play” tap on it and you will earn one social egg.
  • Your social ranking meter is at the bottom left of the screen. As this fills up you become more popular and will be ranked higher on the community screens when people you don’t know play which can make more connections for you.
  • Note – If you visit a neighbor you will not only be able to tap on five habitats and play for social eggs but you will also earn either five silver coins or one XP star once every 24 hours.


  • Wall –Be sure to leave a message on the wall if you visited so they will return the favor. You also want to leave your storm8 ID for others so they will invite you.
  • More neighbors mean more money each day.
  • Tap “Social” to return to the social screen to visit more neighbors or tap on “home” to return directly to your island.



  • Gifts can be sent to you and sent by you once every 24 hours to neighbors only.
  • The first available gift is gold bars and as you level up more gifts will be available for you to send.


  • Sending Gifts - Tap on the social menu and then on “Neighbors” next to each neighbor is the option to send a gift. Next tap on the gift you wish to send and then place a check mark next to the names of all neighbors you would like to send to then submit.
  • Accepting gifts –There are two types of gifts to accept in the game. You can request items and they are sent to you via the messages area where you must accept them and you will also find gifts in the messages area when you log in after a long absence.
  • Other gifts are when people play with your dragon. You are left a small silver gift and when you click on the sparkles you will collect the coins left to you by others that have visited your island.


Daily Bonus

  • Be sure to check in daily to collect a daily bonus.
  • Coins will be awarded to you for each day you log in. If you log in consecutively you earn larger rewards.
  • If you log in for four days in a row you will earn the largest coin bonus available.